Aaron (My Dying Bride)

You are about to release a new album "The Dreadful Hours" on October 22, I have heard a few samples from it and I must say it sounds very good! What will the sound be like on the album, will it be like a follow-up to "The Light.." or can we expect some surprises?
It does have similarities with the last album, which is only natural since that is the sound we are into at the moment, but it has also been compared with both "The Angel.." and "34.788%.." which seems like an odd mix, but it seems to work.

Will there be a "Dreadful Tour" in the near future? Do you think you maybe will visit Scandinavia? (Sweden?)
We have to come up there, as we have not played Scandinavia for a long time now and we have always had a good time there. There is nothing planned yet, but I hope to make it next year.

Will you continue using Death metal/clean voice in MDB?
Probably, but it all depends on what the music is like and if it is justied. I don’t really want to scream my nuts off in a sad song.

What bands/music inspires the band and the members?
I am still inspired by classical music and Nick Cave, Swans and even Depeche Mode to a certain extent. Christ knows what shit the other guys listen too, but black metal is popular with them at the moment.

How do you prepare before a live concert?
We just rehearse a lot and get very nervous. No special preparation is necessary.

I think that "happier" music is rather shallow, and cannot reach any emotional depths like "darker" music played in minor, do you agree? Will MDB ever record a happy song?
I doubt we will ever record a ‘happy’ song because it’s just no in us. There are a million bands doing ‘happy’ music, and the world doesn’t need another.

I actually think that "Like Gods Of The Sun" is your best record ever, which album are you most satisfied with? Any special song?
I have always loved that record but not for any particular song, just the feel of the whole album. I am naturally very pleased with the new CD too, and have a feeling it could be a winner.

What are the future plans with the band? Any comments?
We hope to do some summer festivals next year as well as releasing a Live album and a DVD, so we are fairly busy.

Thanks for taking time and answering the questions! Good luck!
Cheers, and all the very best to you, Aaron

My Dying Bride is:
Aaron Stainthorpe - vocals
Ade Jackson - bass
Andrew Craighan - guitar
Hamish Glencross - guitar
Shaun Steels - drums
Yasmin Ahmid - keyboards

The interview was made in english by: David A, 2001