Deadly Kristin (Ancient)

You will release a new album, "Proxima Centauri" in a few days. How is this album different from earlier releases? (I have heard the free sample song "Satan´s Children" and I think it´s great!!)
I am glad u like the song, though I think that it´s one of the less good songs of the whole album. This album is absolutely the best we ever made. It has more death metal influences, songs are better structured, more tecnical, better performed. Also we have the best production. It contains 1 intro and 11 songs, it’s a varied album, very aggressive and never boring.

It actually have been quite silent about Ancient in a long time, do you think you are ready to take the battle against Norwegian bands like Dimmu Borgir, Emperor etc?
Nah, we dont want to fight with anybody. We play a different kind of music so this comparison doesn´t fit. But we are sure this album will give us a lot of more exposure...for sure.

Do you use much female vocals in your music?
Not much. I scream on this album, I dont like to use clean vocals as I am and I have always been a good screamer, a death metal singer. Clean female vocals are not for me nor they fit my personality. I am aggressive and wild. No soprano-crap here. We leave that shit to Gathering and Theatre of Tragedy, aahhaha..

What bands/music inspires the band and the members?
We are all into heavy metal of the 80’s. Bands like Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Judas Priest...but we like also Venom and some death metal bands. Personally I am very much into death metal, my fave band is Deicide!! Those bands I mentioned though, dont are the bands we love but we take the inspiration for our music within ourselves, not in other bands.

Are anyone in the band satanist?
Me and Aphazel are, not meaning that we adore Satan and that we praise him or make any silly ritual!! No no. But we are close to the ideals of the Satanist philosphy, as to be your own god, think with your own head etc.. All of us are atheist and we dont like religions. Maybe it’s more correct to say we are anti-religious.

What do you think about the developement in norwegian Black Metal-music?
I think a lot of good bands became worse and worse. Aye. I think there is no black metal, the flame is no longer burning. It belongs to the past and everyone is going into different directions.

I actually think that "The Cainian Chronicle" is your best record ever, which album are you most satisfied with?
"Proxima Centauri" is the best. WE all think it. The Cainian would have been an excellent album if we didnt have that shitty corean voice spoiling it. Kaiaphas was supreme.

In November/December you begin your "10th Anniversary / Proxima" Tour, tell me more about it. Will you visit Sweden?
It’s not in the schedule yet, though we might arrange some dates in Scandinavia. We will love it. It depends on the booking agency though. Checkout our website for the tourdates: We will tour more or less all over Europe.

Thanks for taking time and answering the questions! Hej!
Thanks to you and stay metal!!

______^DEADLY KRISTIN^xxx______

Ancient is:
Aphazel - vocals, guitar
Deadly Kristin - female vocals
Jesus Christ! - guitar, keyboards
GroM - drums
Dhilorz - bass

The interview was made in english by: David A, 2001