Equitant (Absu)

You are currently writing on a new album, titled "Absu" (which is scheduled to be recorded sometime next year), how do you think it will sound compared to "Tara"?
I can tell you the songs will be shorter and fast. We have only finished one as of now, so I cant tell you too much as to how it will be. We are looking at a darker feel, and very aggressive songs. More lead guitar work will be added as well. And a new studio will be used.. we need a new sound... and new atmosphere. Now we are just rehearsing old and new trax for touring purposes.

Absu have also deicided to bring in another guitarist to the band, why?
We have a lot of reasons.. for one, so that we can tour... in the past we used session members. This is just too hard, getting the person here, and finding someone.. we have looked and looked for years! Now we have found a guitarist here in Dallas that will work out fine.. So things are looking good now for touring and writing the next album in less time than Tara took. We took a long long time on that one.. It was just a challenge to do! very tough.

To continue with the latest news, it says on your website that Absu will do live performances in next year. Is there any special countries/places you would like to perform in (like Scandinavia, Sweden)?
I hope all over. We have never played in Scandinavia. Almost every other country in Europe we have played.. It all depends on this terrorist thing we have now, and the war that has just broke with us.. I dont know how it will be for Americans traveling overseas you know.. Time will tell.. 2002 is planned for tours I think, and I hope!! Its been almost 5 years since Absu has played a live show.. this is just bad!

What music is the main influences of the band? What music will be found in your own recordcollection?
Proscriptor like a wide range of music. Progressive rock, Jazz, 70's music.. this influences his drumming alot. I would say our influences that we all like would be Kreator, Slayer, Destruction, Sodom, Bathory, Celtic Frost etc... We all like all kinds of music, other than just metal too though. Things I like today would be trance techno/electronic music... stuff like Sven Vath, Kraftwerk, Underworld, Praga Khan, Lords of Acid etc... I´m doing this style With my solo project Equitant. I have 6 promos out.. and working on a full length album at this time. You can get more info at https://equitant.cjb.net. Other than electronic I like Jazz, Rock, Classical etc... And all 90's Bm like Darkthrone, Mayhem, Thorns, etc... The albums I´ve been into the last weeks are the new Darkthrone, new Bathory, new Slayer and the new Ulver.. all great!

I guess you have seen the movie "Gummo"? What do you think about it, and the very brutal/odd movie soundtrack?
Ahhh yes, I´ve seen this movie! ahhh its sick! I dont want to see it another time.. it gives me a bad feeling.. It is funny also, just black comedy is what it is. It was cool to be on a soundtrack though. And the song we wrote for it is quite good I think.

What is your best/worst concert-memory?
Best would be in Mexico.. this country is insane! The kids go crazy! I´ve never seen such mayhem live!! they thought we were "the Beatles" or something! We got attacked...haha. Worst, hmmmm I dont know.. maybe some gigs in east Germany, they dont seem to like us Americans too much.. we just had a bad feeling. And Im German too! Germany is one of the best places to play though.. so I cant say this was the worst.. I guess the worst was a show with Enslaved in Ohio [USA].. I came very close to a black out on stage, it was in the summer time..very hot! I was very close to passing out in front of all these people. It would have not been good! We have never had many bad shows.. other than mistakes with songs maybe and bad sound. Most have been good I can say.

What will happen in the future? Will Absu keep the flame burning for another ten years?
I hope we can keep it going. Time never lets you know what will happen though.. I´m just thinking what will happen with this war we are having, if more terrorist attacks will happen and such. The future is uncertain for us and others.

Thanks for taking time to answer the questions!! Metal hails from Sweden!
Thank you! I hope one day we will make it to Sweden. I have always wanted to see your country.. You have a king in your lands! Quorthon! Fire of Tara guides us!


Absu is:
Proscriptor - all voices, drums/percussive
Equitant- electric bass guitar
Shaftiel - all guitars, bass vocals

The interview was made in english by: David A, 2001